Two full days break from my 10" screen in exchange for mixing concrete on the ground with some friends to help build a house. So far we are working on the interior, so at least the sun isn't baking me...although its still very, very, very hot. I'm back on the screen today to try to learn basic PHP from some tutorials I downloaded from youtube. Sent out my request for feedback on the writing page layout and style and received about ten responses back. Also working on styling my feed.xml file and maybe if I get motivated, making a logo to attach to the feed. I finished the What's Up page and its now live. Yesterday I saw on some major websites that there is some type of script that asks the computer if they are using IE...I need to learn more but I am thinking that might be good code to also install on my site. Anybody? I've also been spell checking my files, as many of my first viewers have been spell checking for me. On a side note, I've been reading some Nat Geo magazines my uncle gave me to bring to Philippines. I'm pretty stoked, they are very high quality photographs and writing. December 1 is looming, hopefully I can make the deadline, but if not, I'll push it back to Feb 1, as the entire month of Jan I'll be pretty busy working with Cornell in Nepal.