Been working hard on the website for parts of the day here in DaLat, Vietnam. My good friend Colin back in Ithaca, NY has been helping me a ton, and recently he started working on his site, which is developing quickly. I re-sized all of the vertically oriented images to 400x600px which I think is a better size for viewing, as people won't have to scroll around. If you hover over a link, it should appear red, kind-of tempting you to click it! I also got the rss feed icon working again, although it is out of place with Ipad/Ipods. Still haven't figured that out. Now the feed links to parts of the individual page by using the #nov22 tag at the end of this address.. Also got the chance to watch two Mexican films: Like Water for Chocolate and El Mariachi. Both pretty interesting. El Mariachi was made with only 7000USD! Today I am hoping to take a break from coding and post some pictures and videos of some recent hikes around the hills surrounding DaLat. More soon.