The first time I held a million-currency-units was on my birthday in 2008, when I turned 26. On that day I crossed a wild frontier from Laos to Vietnam. Again in April of 2011 I was a millionaire again, briefly, in Indonesia after visiting a cash machine. After inserting a plastic card and entering in a few secret digits I became a millionaire. Today is my 27th birthday and I am again a multi-millionaire in Saigon, Vietnam where the exchange rate for US dollars to Vietnam Dong is 21,000VND to 1USD. So with about 50USD you too can become a millionaire in Vietnam. However, what does this really mean? A street sandwich (Banh Mi) costs 12,000dong, a bowl of soup costs 25,000 and a city bus ride costs 4,000. So while I might be a millionaire here in Vietnam, it doesn't carry the same clout as being a millionaire in the USA. As a side note, I have passed the last four birthdays in Asia. 2008 and 2011 here in Vietnam, 2009 in Hong Kong and 2010 in Sri Lanka. Last year and this year I was fortunate to celebrate with members of the local Couch Surfing community.