Yesterday began the daunting process of reviewing my "best of" images. Since I bought my first digital camera in 2003, I estimate I've saved over 100,000 images to various DVDs, Hard Drives and online-"Cloud Storage". Over the eight years since, I've gotten better at "field editing" i.e. deleting images from the camera in the field before saving them to the archive. Luckily I was able to find my "Website Ready" folders from back in the days and also the images I had retired off the website. This will likely save me the dreaded task of reviewing all 100k images. Yesterday I was plowing into the review when the power went out and my electric fan died. Worried that the sweat pouring down my face, onto my arms and onto the keyboard might be detrimental to the health of the electronic switchboards underneath the keys, I bailed on the project for the day. My goal is to make a temporary picasa site, likely on dkatz.projects and then ask my friends to vote on their favorite images. Picasa makes this easy, as you can click the "like" button. What I am thinking is making ten categories with 30 images in each, and then people can click the "like" button ten times in each folder: either multiple times on one image or spread them thin if they want. So today start with 3000 images to select. I'm thinking down to 1000 would be a good goal for the day.