Today I opened up my website for the first time with an internet cafe computer here in La Union province in the Philippines. As you can imagine, like most of the computers in the world, I was running Windows and Internet Explorer. What I saw almost made me fall out of my seat. To start with, the banner image background colors were all out of wack, it looked horrible. I thought to myself that anyone who might see this in the next few hours would be horrified. So I got to work, and with the help of my main tech-support home-slice Colin, I (read:he) got it back to normal. Now I just have to copy and paste the new string of code to the 100 pages of website... I also made a default page so if you type in a wrong address you'll get redirected. You can test it....try anything that is I have also downloaded Opera, Chromium and Firefox which will give me an insight into the rest of the world's web browsing. I also got my hair cut, because it is hot out! 90F. More tomorrow.