I few days ago while taking a shower, the sink I was leaning on crashed to the floor and I sliced my foot up pretty good on the subsequent on flying ceramic... Trying to get it to heal as quick as possible and avoiding infection, I decided to do some much needed maintenance on my small net book. I decided to reformat the hard drive and upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.10. After all, my operating system was now 1.5 years old! I was waiting for my new version of Ubuntu to install and browsing the Internet at the same time (nice feature guys!) and found some interesting links in my inbox from friends around the world. 

Ski Descent of Denali by Renan Ozturk and the Camp 4 Collective 

Amazing time lapse photography of Oregon's natural areas by Uncage the Soul Productions 

Some cut up sounds from Bhutan spliced together in a short track by "Pogo" 

Other projects I've been working on: reading Michael Palin's excellent "Himalaya," getting a haircut, new passport photos and repairing some of my clothes on a sewing machine nearby. I have been reading about Rastafarianism, Aramaic, border disputes between Somalia, Eritrea, and old Italian empires in East Africa. Very fascinating stuff and I'm getting stoked on 2012.