Made some progress on the site, added a "what's new" page and re-coded all the tables out of the main navigation, trading instead for an unordered list. I have been watching a ton of tutorials on a new computer language called PHP in hopes to eliminate the giant amount of copy and pasting each time I want to make a small change to many pages. A major set back on the image voting, Picasa has a login-only-like system, which I imagine will deter many voters, I need another solution. I did design some new logos, thinking the letter TIP for obvious reasons, but not fully stoked on it. TNP sounds better, I think, but is a crossover I'd like to avoid. In the evening, when I get cross-eyed on the coding, I head to the beach to play in the waves and enjoy the sunset to the west of La Union province here on Luzon island. Below is a image from yesterday's sunset.