Veg Thali at Saravana Bhavan Restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi

People often ask me what I eat while I'm traveling. I've eaten my fair share of wacky things, but in Asia I mostly eat rice and vegetables. My main guidelines for eating revolve around safety, getting sick is no fun. 
A) Hot. Cooking kills bacteria. Food that has been sitting around is more likely to be sketchy. 
B) Packed with locals. If the locals come back to a place, that likely means they enjoyed it. 
C) Clean-looking. Are there flies flying over a open sewer near by? There's some good looking food around here, but a lot of it is looking sketchy with this dust storm rolling in from the Mid East. This has basically ruled out my usual street food haunts. 
I visited the Saravana Bhavan restaurant each day since I arrived as it fit my three rules perfectly. With two locations in Delhi, the restaurant churns out quality meals with efficient service. Twice though, I visited, hoping to eat rice but arrived shortly before or after the meal times for rice. The restaurant is completely vegetarian. Being veg is easy around here, as there are many strict vegetarians in India. Going veg is likely a good idea for safety reasons as most of the meat I've seen on display here in South Asia looks sub par to put it nicely. Today though, I had one of the best meals I've had in South Asia. With about ten small tastes in one meal, who can go wrong? Although I'm far from "South India," these fellows seem to know what they are doing... Not pictured is the giant bowl of rice. For 130 Indian Rupees the set meal doesn't set you back too far... 
Also visited the "India Gate" today, which reminded me of being in France as the arch resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Below is a photo of the inscription on the "gate" which is dedicated to the soldiers who fought during the various international conflicts in the past. 

Inscription on India Gate, March 23, 2012, New Delhi, India