Sunrise near India Gate, Mumbai, India

Its been almost four months I've spent here on the subcontinent. This part of my second round-the-world journey has been intense, tiring, rewarding, challenging and funny It has been freezing cold (10F) and very hot (110F). Its been sweet, salty, sour, bitter, smelly, foul, tasty, putrid and decadent. Sometimes it feels like all of those things all at once. I'm finding it challenging to sum up a four month chapter of my journey in a few words. 
Today Josh and I got up for the sunrise and made some High-Definition-Range Timelapse videos of the sunrise to the east of the India Gate here in Mumbai. Then we saw two movie sets being filmed and ate a lunch in an air-con restaurant and had the best meal either one of us has had in India. I'm going to try to publish some pictures from the Annapurna and some words about my time here soon. 

Fisherman near India Gate, Mumbai, India

Tomorrow I'm flying to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and then to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. I visited Northern Africa (Egypt) back in 2008 with my father. In a lot of ways, though, this is my first visit to "Africa," as Egypt (although very unique in its own right) felt similar to the neighboring countries I visited in the the mid-east. 
We are both leaving tomorrow to the Mumbai airport early morning. Josh is headed back to the states via Egypt and I'm head to Africa! Get Stoked!