This fall and winter I've had the chance to browse and read some excellent books. Above is an image of some of my recent reads. 
I'm becoming a fan of Michael Palin, and only did I recently discover that he also was a comedian: Monty Python, etc. A couple of language and logistics guides helped me out quite a bit in Nepal over the winter. Also a few titles to learn more about Nepali Culture from Cornell Anthropologists David Homlberg and Kathryn March. David Quammen and Patrick Leigh Fermor are giving me some insights how to create quality travel tales. 
I've found myself reading between five and ten books a winter and almost zero when I get back to the states. I still have three or four books to read in about a month. Considering the amount of train travel and flying I'll be doing soon, shouldn't be hard to complete the assignment before I get back home in late April.