Feb 26 to March 10, 2012

My second foray in 2012 into the mighty mountains, this photo story brings you a taste of life in the Lamjung and Manang districts of the Annapurna Himalaya. From February 26th to March 10, I covered about 200km on foot up to an elevation of 3600m. My main route took me up the valley of the Marsyangdi river to Manang village and back the same way. A tad different from the "Langtang Project," the "Annapurna Session" is more of a photo story (less text more photos). Enjoy! Click here to see this story on one page (without the rest of March 2012). 

Dinner at La Dolce Vida Restaurant in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

After walking around in the Langtang region, I spent about a week in Kathmandu with Josh and Jeff poking around the valley and getting some logistics done: Indian Visa, gear purchasing, etc. That week we also visited some excellent restaurants in Kathmandu. The first picture here is from La Dolce Vida, an excellent Italian restaurant in Thamel. Jeff and Josh and I all split up on Feb 18. Jeff went to the states, Josh to Lulka and I went west by bus to Pokhara. In Pokhara I worked for three solid days editing video from some past projects that were way overdue. 

Pokhara at night, Nepal

After a week in Pokhara, I set out on a bus to Besi Sahar. The plan was to hike up to Manang, poke around the Manang area for a few days and come the same way. I didn't really feel like going over the pass, mainly because of the reports I heard from friends who rode the dangerous and miserable bus from Jomsom to Pokhara. After arriving in Besi Sahar at around 3pm, I walked along the dusty road to Bhulbhule, where I stayed for the first night on trail. 

Waterfall near Bhulbhule, Lamjung District, Nepal

First day hiking on trail instead of road, I walked from Bhulbhule to Kanigan via Bahundanda. Next few photos from the first real day on trail. 

Dusty trail/road headed up to Bahundanda, Lamjung, Nepal

View up canyon, Bahundanda, Lamjung, Nepal

View up canyon from Kanigan towards the Kanag Guru, Lamjung, Nepal

Bridge across the Marsyangdi river, Ghermu, Lamjung, Nepal

Third day on trail hike from Kanigan to Tal. Cross to the western bank of the Marsyangdi River in the morning, and cross back to the eastern side after lunch. 

Jagat village perched high above the Marsyangdi River, Lamjung, Nepal

Fourth day on trail hike from Tal to Danaque. Snow and rain encourages me to not walk much further in Danaque. Try to get make some images of the sun rise. 

View from my bedroom in Danaque, Manang District, Nepal

Fifth day on trail hike from Danaque to Chame. Nighttime on day five the snow starts coming down. Nice 3" blanket in the morning surrounds the village. 

Lamjung Himal as seen from Chame, Manang District, Nepal

A snowy morning at the Marsyangdi River, Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Winter Wonderland, Chame, Manang District, Nepal

North Ridge of Annapurna II, Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Spruce Tree at Sunrise, Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Looking north from near Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Marsyangdi River from near Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Sixth day on trail from Chame to Upper Pisang. Arrive at a guest house in Upper Pisang with a fat view of the Annapurna massive to the south. Timelapse sessions in the evening and morning. Here are some single images from those sessions. 

Annapurna Massive from Upper Pisang in the evening, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Annapurna Massive from Upper Pisang in the morning, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Seventh day on trail hike from Upper Pisang to Braka via the spectacular "Upper Route". 

Prayer Flags in Ghyaru, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Tibetan Buddhist Stupa in Ghyaru, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Prayer Flags in Ghyaru, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

View of Ghyaru village, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

View of Narwal village, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

View of Annapurna Himal from Narwal, Manang, Nepal

View from my Bedroom, Braka, Manang, Nepal

Looking south to the foothills of the Annapurna from Braka, Manang, Nepal

Stayed three nights in Braka, a small village about half an hour walk from Manang. Next few photos are from around the Manang Valley. 

Looking west from Braka, Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Workers in the fields, near Braka, Manang, Nepal

Landscape near Braka, Manang, Nepal

Workers in the fields, near Braka, Manang, Nepal

Marsyangdi River near Braka, Manang, Nepal

Lone tree near Braka, Manang, Nepal

Frozen Gangapurna Lake, Manang, Nepal

Headed to Kansgar village, Manang, Nepal

Upper Marsyangdi River, Manang, Nepal

Horse Traffic near Chame, Manang District, Nepal

Hiked from Manang back to Bhulbhule in three long days. Legs were hurting a bit...100km in three days. Some sketchy rock fall from road work above scared me quite a bit after almost getting killed by head-sized falling boulders. 

Usually I don't like to retrace my steps, but this time, I found it interesting to go back the way I came. Passed a mountain bike race that looked pretty serious and about a hundred trekkers per day. Seems to be the busy season is coming up, as on the way up I saw only ten or so trekkers per day. Plowed through 24 snickers in 10 days. 

Overall it was a great trek. I could have stayed in the Manang area for a week or more doing fun day hikes. Saw quite a few side valleys that looked fun to explore out there. Definitely more "touristy" than the Langtang, but also could be the seasons. I was in Langtang in the heart of the winter and in the Annapurna in late winter/early spring. After the trek, took a series of bus rides and in a half day I was back in Pokhara to enjoy a bit of the "lakeside" district's pies and pizzas. Until my next time in the Himalaya... 

Lamjung Himal as seen from Chame, Manang District, Nepal