The Kalka Mail is a train that runs from Kalka to Howrah Junction, one of the main railway stations that serves the former British Raj capital of Calcutta. After traveling over 1400km from Delhi over a 30 or so hour period in the sleeper class, I hit the streets of Kolkata. I have been here before. Over a year ago before leaving south Asia for familiar grounds in Thailand, I spent a week in this megalopolis. During that time last year, I did little exploring of Kolkata, but spent most of my time on my computer trying to downsize 10,000 images from a recent expedition in Nepal to a more reasonable size of 100 for posting on the web. I spent almost a week here but due to my focus on the image project, I have not one photograph of West Bengal. I've commuted myself to making more photographs, below is an image from the Victoria Memorial. 

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, March 27, 2012

One big thing has changed since I've been here last: the temperature. It is now hot, nearly 100F around noon. I guess the end of January and the end of March mark a substantial difference in the position of the sun around here also. Where I grew up in New York, end of January and end of March are quite a bit different too. I've gotten used to traveling in the tropics and just being hot all the time. Spending the last few months in the Himalaya though, walking in snow and shivering down the trails, It is a bit of an adjustment here...More soon.