"The Nose" is a classic Yosemite Big Wall route on El Capitan. Rated at 5.18 C2 and nearly 3000' its a substantial undertaking for most climbers. For Alex Honnold and Hans Florine, it is literally a walk in the park. On June 17, 2012, the two climbers broke the previous speed record of the "Nose" by 13 minutes, completing the climb in 2 hours and 13 minutes. 
A group of Outward Bound staff got up at 430AM in morning and drove from Midpines to El Capitan Meadow to watch the early morning ascent. By the time we arrived shortly after 6am, the two were already hundreds of feet above the ground climbing fast. Watching them climb through the lens of my camera and other binoculars revealed a calm and collected team. The zoom enabled us to see that they were climbing in a less than safe manner, falls likely resulting in death in some circumstances. Although this was not a surprise to me, as Honnold is infamous for his free-soloing style of climbing, it seemed almost surreal to watch the two climb so fast and efficiently. 

Photography, edit and J. Garrison and D.Katz Narration by Oliver Brady Music recorded live by Jon Andrews 

Check out the vid below 

El Capitan Speed Climbing from josh garrison on Vimeo
We watched until about 730am when we promptly drove back to our Morning Meeting (we were all working) at 0830 back in Midpines.