Jeff, Colin, Jake and I arrived to Whitaker forest last night and this morning we got out to begin our scouting. We're situated a little over a mile high on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada and the weather is stable and the sun is shining. This marks our third year climbing these giant trees to help the University of California at Berkeley Center for Forestry. Today was our first day on the job. We're all getting back into the rhythm of climbing. We spent the day scouting up and down the hillside for climbing locations and practicing systems. We climbed almost 90m to the canopy of a large Giant Sequoia and for dinner had a vegetable stir fry. Enjoy the images below. 

Jeff climbing rope

The trunk of a Giant Sequoia from about 20m above the ground

The needles of a Giant Sequoia

Jake climbing about 70m above the ground

Jake mid-transfer about 70m above the ground

Jeff tossing a weight to advance higher in the tree

Jake tossing a weight to advance higher in the tree

Dave Taking Pictures - Photo Colin Crilley

Bark Texture

Jake Rappelling

Stir Fry