From Tulo Sheparu out our window we caught a great view of the Ganesh Himal range to the west. Jeff wanted to take a rest day so Josh and I bust out in the morning to Lauribinak, up at an elevation of 3900, we would have to climb 1700m. It was a long day, I think I took my backpack off twice during the day, and there was definitely no downhill sections of trail. Although it was a mere 6 or 7km, the climb was steep. Josh and I take a lunch break, but otherwise hammer it all the way to Lauribinak and catch an amazing sunset. From Lauribinak we could see into Tibet and began scheming how to find quality topo maps and legit sponsorship for a climbing expedition to some awesome looking pyramid shaped peaks...  

Sunset on the plains and India

Ganesh Himal in the Sunset

Looking west to the shoulder of Ganesh Himal from Lauribinak