Last night the storm began blowing hard and snowing a little after dark. By the time we woke up about a foot of snow had fallen and the winds were blowing hard. I started reading my book, but decided it was time to play in the snow. For the past many years I've bailed to the tropics during winter and haven't had the chance to really enjoy winter. I made snowmen with the guesthouse owners, build a sledding run down the stairs and did some back flips into piles of snow and jumped off the tin roof. Josh took vids of most of this, standby for the video release! 

Jeff in the Sunset

Halo clouds mean a upcoming blizzard?

Looking out the guesthouse window after the blizzard

Banjan Karka - Red Panda Guest House in Sunrise

Sunrise at Banjan Karka

Sunrise at Banjan Karka

Sunrise at Banjan Karka

Clouds moving in