Climb from 1700m to 2400m then descend to 1300m

Not too many photos today...mainly blasting to make it back before transport closes at dark. Josh introduces the concept of "raging" and we hike pretty fast from Chisopani to Shivapuri Lek (the last climb of the hike). Then Jeff decides to sleep an extra night in Chisopani and Josh and I hike hard down the trails to meet friendly people welcoming us back. We hang out with a man from the Bihar province of India and buy some much-appreciated fresh fruit before hopping on a short bus ride to Ratna park and then a taxi back to Patan. Back in Patan, no power, no cooking gas, no internet... Life is actually quite a bit better out on the trail.
Trying to sum up a journey of three weeks on one page has not been easy. We will all take some good memories out of this trip for sure. For me, the snow, the friendly people, the guest house owners and the sessions with the intervelometer were all new and exciting experiences. What we learned in the Lantang will likely be applicable In the next foray to the Annapurna Region in a week or so. For now, over and out.