Climb from 3900m to 4986m and descend to 3900m

In the morning Jeff decides he wants to go up Tsuku Ri and Josh is going to read his book. Jeff and I set out around 0945 and we're moving fast and not taking many pictures. Jeff is feeling poorly and makes a wise decision to turn around about 200m from the summit.  

Jeff at his high point at around 4700m

North ridge to summit of Tusku Ri Summit

Snow and the flags on the summit of Tusku Ri

The wind is blowing hard from the west and I stop before the true summit to take some pictures. I reach the summit around 1pm and make a few pictures and videos. I've only seen three other people today, and they are on the summit, a couple from Switzerland and their guide. After I take a few pictures without my gloves on for them, my hands are cold and I make quick descent. Caught up with Jeff on the way down and we were back to the land of apple fritters in less than two hours since I had left the summit. Josh was napping in the sun and had completed an entire book and washed socks in ice-cold water. 

Flags on the summit

Looking down valley

Self Portrait on summit