The week is ramping up to Fasika (Easter) on Sunday. My polar opposite existence continues, constant harassment on the streets and hospitality inside Befakadu's house. Today I ran a basic experiment. I walked around town with almost no skin exposed. I covered my face with my buff and my tucked my hands inside my long sleeve shirt. My idea was to test the skin-color aspect of the discrimination. Although brief, the results yielded were almost identical to having some skin exposed. I experienced the same amount of harassment, but at least today, no rocks were thrown at me! More photos below. Enjoy the photos.

Beta Emanuel Church

Deacons playing music at Beta Emanuel Church

Beta Emanuel Church

Young men read text inside St. Gabriel Church

Older man coaches younger man in reading inside St. Gabriel Church

Man reads text inside St. Gabriel Church

St. Gabriel Church (evening)

St. Gabriel Church (morning)

St. Abo Church

St. Libanos Church

Tree next to St. Libanos Church

View from near St. Gabriel Church

Young man reading text, St. Michael Church

Near St. Michael Church

Looking out to the sky from down in the mini-canyons near St. Libanos Church