All-nighter last night in the Addis Airport. Ended up with 112Birr, all exchange counters closed. I had planned on spending that money on a taxi to the airport but some cool Italians offered to give me a ride for free. Anyhow, Egypt Air's flight from Addis to Cairo left at 430AM which I knew meant a sweet sunrise. I was seated window-side in the right side of the plane. As we approached Cairo I even caught a glimpse of the pyramids at Giza! Enjoy the images below! 

Sunrise on the Sahara, Egypt or Sudan?

Sunrise on the Sahara 2

District near the Airport as seen from the air, Cairo, Egypt

Pyramid Complex at Saqqara near Cairo as seen from the air, Egypt

Nile River Valley near Cairo, Egypt

The stark contrast between sand and green was apparent as we crossed the Nile Valley in approach for landing. I remember being impressed by this when I visited Egypt in 2008.