Most of my effort out in the field on the Langtang Project was placed in video. Preparing to edit the video footage on a Netbook running Linux meant reinstalling an old version of Ubuntu and learning a command-line based trans coding program called ffmpeg. With Jeff's help, he wrote a programs (by hard coding) to downsize and rename image files.
I've been plowing through some logistics here in Kathman: Indian visa, map images for a friend, etc. To keep up and running, I've been chasing around the power and internet connections to get this update ready. I found the best connection in Nepal via wifi at the Ministry of Education's Kaiser Library. I have also been eating some new-to-me foods (Korean, Japanese, Tibetan) at the tourist restaurants in the backpacker ghetto of Thamel. Keep an eye on as I'm sure there will be a quality report there too.