January 23 to February 10, 2012

From Jan 23 to Feb 10, Jeff Deutsch, Josh Garrison and I walked 160km through the Langtang Valley, Gosaikund Lake and Helambu regions of Nepal. Sleeping and eating in rustic guesthouses along the way and focusing on making photographs, friends, and videos, we traveled light and fast-ish. To supplement fat meals in the morning and evening at guesthouses, Jeff ate 60 mini-cliff bars he brought from the states and Josh and I had ate 24 Snickers. We recorded about 70GB of pictures and video: sunrises, sunsets and time-lapse images of the night sky. In total we climbed about 10,000m and our highest elevation reached was 4986m ontop of a pile of rocks called "Tusku Ri." We shared laughs, meals and vistas and no one got sick or injured. This was my first real taste of the Himalaya and I'm fully stoked. Day-by-day report below. 

View around the corner into the Langtang Khola