Following the footsteps of April's content bonanza will be tough. From Ethiopia alone I posted over 100 images. With surprise additions from the air above Saudia and Egypt, it was a fruitful month for the TIP. Hope y'all enjoyed! 
Starting off this May, enjoy two images from the top of Schoellkopf Stadium during a major thunderstorm that rolled in from the west last night.
The storm caused a few power outages. Visually, the storm was impressive: major ground strikes and day-time looking landscapes for fractions of a second. May updates to the TIP will be sporadic but quality. Late in the month I'll drop some images from canopies of the tallest trees on earth...the Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada in California. Get stoked! 

Looking East from Schoellkopf Stadium at night May 3, 2012

Looking West from Schoellkopf Stadium at night May 3, 2012