About a week before I was coming to Ethiopia, I emailed some members of the Couchsurfing community and asked them for a recommendation of a place to stay. One dude responded and recommended I stay at the Taitu Hotel. When I arrived in the dark to Addis back on April 2nd, the cab driver at the airport took me to the Taitu as I asked. After arriving to Ethiopia I soon learned most people were not eating meat as to observe the local tradition of "fasting" or "lent" prior to the big Easter Celebration. 
After Easter most restaurants got rid of their "fasting" menu which was mostly vegetarian. I was a bit disappointed, as I liked the "fasting" food, varied, spicy, etc. The meat-food looked kinda bland and a bit sketchy at times. 
When I arrived back in Addis after a 12 hour journey from Bahir Dar, I was stoked to find out that the Taitu still had the Vegan Buffet lunch. Beetroot, carrots, pasta, rice, bread, injera, wat, all you can eat. The picture below will help illustrate. Too bad the internet doesn't transmit tastes! More soon.