Back in the orient. Fully stoked: tropical fruits big smiles and laughter and interesting culture to observe at almost every corner. Unstoked on: sweating constantly, full lungs of black diesel smoke and ultra crowded areas of the city. Getting back into the "Asian" swing of things for sure. Had some time to explore Intramuros today while waiting for my visa extension to be processed at the Bureau of Immigration. "Intramuros," from Spanish, translates roughly as "within-the-walls." is a fortified section of Manila which was has a wall that circumscribes the previous headquarters of the government during the Spanish colonial era. Now a days there is some restored streets and many UNESCO sites. Last night I witnessed the amazing water display at Rizal Park in Manila. As a tech sidenote: I've been experimenting with some heavy post-processing techniques. The first two images here are 3 shot HDR and have quite a bit of effects applied to the resulting composite with Lightroom. Enjoy!

St Augustine Church HDR, Intramuros, Manila, 2012

Rizal Street HDR - Sept 24, 2012

Rizal Park Watershow, Manila