"Fly Away Home...to Zion..." In the words of Bob Marley, I'm headed back east to Central New York. The past week has been busy around the Outward Bound community in Midpines, California. We went on the annual staff expedition canonyeering trip down the north fork of the Kings River in Patterson Gorge (standby on the video). We also celebrated our season-end with a "Town Hall" gathering which included an epic "Wilderness Olympics," and live music performance by some of our staff. A bittersweet departure: leaving friends and community behind. 
After a 3.5 hour ride to the airport in I took an evening flight from Sacramento to Chicago. Out the window of the plane I caught some sweet views of the expansive great wide open. As we approached Chicago the weather worsened and we landed in a full out rainstorm! 
I'm now sitting in a Marriot Hotel in Chicago after getting bumped off my flight. Will arrive in Syracuse at 4pm tomorrow.

Mountain landscape over Nevada

Is this Salt Lake City?

Approaching Chicago from the west

Sunset near Chicago from the air

A unique looking rainbow on the descent to Chicago

The last of the setting sun near Chicago

The last of the setting sun near Chicago

Enter the thunderstorm