A few weeks back I borrowed a friends motorbike from Bacnotan, La Union and headed west to the mountains. I knew there was a daily Jeep to a town called Lipay, much higher in elevation than coastal Bacnotan. I figured if a Jeep could climb the hill, so could I on a motorbike. With the help of some friendly locals at crucial junctions in the roads, I climbed over 700 meters in elevation to the town of Lipay. I looked on Google to see if the satellite photos would shed light on a paved road or concrete basketball court or tin roofs of the village but nothing proved useful. By the time I set out it was blazing hot around 9am. I packed some bread from the bakery as a snack. The road climbed to the village through spectacular terrain, some of the most impressive landscapes I've seen in La Union. The Cordillera served as a impassable backdrop to the near-harvest-ready rice terraces and palm trees. After making some photographs and cruising most of the roads in the area, I found a very steep road to descend back to the flat lands near Bacnotan. Back in time for a late lunch at the market. All of the following images are HDR, and I've been experimenting with a 16:9 crop ration, a tip I picked up from Serge Ramelli's tutorials on Youtube I think it works well for landscapes...stoked!

The Cordillera mountains looking south in HDR

From a ridge near Polipol, Lipay, La Union, Philippines, November 8th, 2012

The Cordillera mountains (HDR) and the new concrete road to Polipol, Lipay, La Union

The Cordillera mountains in HDR from a ridge near Polipol near Lipay

Rice terraces in HDR in the mountain town of Lipay Norte

Rice terraces and a small settlement in HDR below the mountain town Lacong village in La Union

Looking west towards the ocean from Lipay Norte