Another day on the image-processing train here in Trumansburg, New York. This summer while working for Outward Bound in the High Sierra Nevada, I made many images of the night sky. Now I've got the time and the computing power to turn those individual exposures into a composite image to show the path of the stars as the earth rotates. I'm using StarStax, a quality and free program to create the piece you see here. Some of the locations of these images are more than 30km on trails from any roads. Enjoy a glimpse of the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness! 

Composite image from the Nine Lakes Basin looking towards the Kaweah Gap and Eagle Scout Peak

Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

Lonely Lake Peak near Elizabeth Pass in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

Giant Sequoia Trees near Redwood Canyon in Sequoia National Park

Camera pointed towards the North Star near Mcclure Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness