This morning I got up early to catch the rising sun from the village of Sabang. I've been exploring around the area the past few days. There is vast mountains and tropical forest abound. Sabang itself is a busy town during the day, as it hosts the launching point for trips into the Underground River National Park which is only a few kilometers north along the shoreline. In the morning before the tour buses arrive, and in the afternoon after they leave, the town is pretty quiet.

Sunrise on the water (HDR) in Sabang, Palawan, Philippines

Sunrise from land (HDR) in Sabang, Palawan, Philippine

About 1.5km along the shore from Sabang is a massive waterfall that falls almost directly into the ocean. The water is crystal clear, and my speculation (based on the amount of jungle, lack of animal grazing and far distance to any cities) I bet it is some of the cleanest water in the Philippines.

Waterfall near Sabang, Palawan

Waterfall flowing into the ocean (HDR) near Sabang, Palawan