Along the coast about 20km north of San Fernando City, near the town of Quirino, lies a famous surf break. In the vicinity of Barangay Cabanaroan the "Cement Factory" break is named after the massive nearby concrete plant run by the transnational company Holcim.

When I arrived at the beach the waves were mellow, but a nearby river creates an small estuary with a few lagoons mixing the salt and fresh water.

Although I wanted to venture out onto the pier itself, a local fisherman recommend that the Holcim security guards would likely not approve...

The following images are all created using RAW format and are 3-shot (+1EV to 1EV) HDR shot hand-held without a tripod. I'm still working on improving my HDR skills Remember, to get better resolution, simply click on the image and a slide show will pop up. Then you can escape the slide show by using the X or hitting escape on your keyboard (if you have one!)

The rocky beach in Barangay Cabanaroan (HDR), Quirino, La Union, Philippines, October 29th, 2012

The rocky beach in Barangay Cabanaroan (HDR), Quirino

Salt water mixes with the fresh water from the nearby river (HDR) in Quirino

Salt water estuary pt2 at Cabanaroan (HDR), Quirino

Sunset on the south China and the pier from Cabanaroan (HDR)in Quirino