Another busy day in the photo world. Installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a borrowed laptop and shwacked around various video editing programs: OpenShot, Kdenlive, Cinelerra, Lightworks, etc. I'm trying to put together a music video for some friends back in California. Epiced on the screen festival around 4pm and headed down to the lake for a picnic with friends and some sunset work from North Point. I ventured to shallow waters with my old Canon DSLR and a new Dicapac case. Two shots from the underwater world that I'm willing to share out of about 60... Enjoy!

Sunset on Cayuga Lake from North Point

Sunset on Cayuga Lake from a Sycamore Tree at North Point

Sycamore sunset continued

Aquatic life near the shore at North Point in Cayuga Lake

Underwater scene in Cayuga Lake at North Point