Last night while coming back from Ithaca I noticed the sky was clear. The moon hadn't risen yet so I cruised out to one of the darkest places around Tburg on Rice Road. I sat by my tripod for a few hours around midnight and created the image below. The second image Colin and I created last night in College Town in Ithaca. If you click on these images they *should* open up in a pop-up (provided you have javascript enabled on your browser) to see a larger resolution. 

On a Web Development note, the "Images" page now features a pop-up slideshow which I think is a bit easier to use. Check it out by going to the "Images" section of the site. Click on a thumbnail to enter a gallery (People, Divine, Landscapes, etc.) Then click on the image you see there, and the slideshow will begin! To advance click the image anywhere, or click on the the next, previous and X (close) buttons to navigate the slideshow. 

Thanks to Rob Moore and John Dalby for helping me code the "Lightbox." Lightbox is a free and open source slideshow developed by Lokesh Dhakar. To install it you only need to add about three lines of code and a few directories to your website. Pretty easy.. Visit Lokesh's site here: to learn more. 

Stay tuned on the TIP, some new videos rolling onto the web tomorrow and the next day. Get stoked, spread the word... 

Star Trails, Rice Road, Trumansburg

Collegetown at night, Ithaca, New York