Its been raining pretty hard here in El Nido due to another typhoon. A 7+ hour ride on a good then bad-ish road from Puerto yesterday. Beat the thunderstorms this morning and walked to Caalan Beach not far from El Nido town and created the images below. The Bacuit Archipelago looks spectacular, looking forward to exploring it. Not until the Coast Guard lets the Typhoon Signal down to allow the commercial tour boat operators back out on the waters. Enjoy the "first October fruits from the TIP!" September will be a hard act to follow, lots of new photography and video happenings. But stay tuned.. 

Bacuit Archipelago as seen from Caalan Beach (HDR), El Nido

Shallow Reef near Caalan Beach (HDR), El Nido

Fisherman with nets near Caalan Beach (HDR), El Nido