Over the past two days I've had a chance to visit some of the islands, caves, lagoons and beaches here in the Bacuit Archipelago near El Nido. The last time I swam with fish and an underwater camera was in 1998 during a family trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Thanks to a affordable Korean-made zip-lock-bag like waterproof case manufacture called "DicaPac," I've now cracked into the world of underwater photography. 
So much more to learn and experiment with but for now...enjoy these images from the spectacular underwater world of the Bacuit Archipelago. 
P.S. Riding around on the boats has been an adventure in itself due to the lack of maintenance. Yesterday for example, the boat driver had to steer the boat with the rudder only as a crucial link between his steering wheel and the rudder broke. It didn't help that our destination at that moment was across rough seas of 3-4foot waves and pissing down rain decreasing the visibility! 

The harbor in El Nido after the typhoon

Limestone Cliffs (HDR), as seen from San Joaquin Street in El Nido town

Beach near the "Secret Lagoon" on Miniloc island

Entering the "Big Lagoon" on Miniloc island

Inside of Cudognon Cave near the remote town of Vigan (mainland Palawan)

A small school of fish near Cudognon Cave

Butterfly Fish on the reef near Pangulasian island

Scissortail sergeant on the reef near Pangulasian island

Clown fish on the reef near Pangulasian island