Weather its a plane, boat or bus, I often see some inspiring and amazing scenes out the window, making it one the main reasons I travel. From high in the sky, I often see parts of the world I never thought I would ever see. The images below are from my yesterday's journey coming home from the Philippines. My route took me from Manila to Taipei, Taiwan to Osaka, Japan and finally to here in New York City. As we headed north from Manila I was seated on the left side of the plane looking west and saw an amazing sunset. From Taipei to Osaka, during the mid morning we passed soared high above a cotton-ball blanket. From Taipei to New York, I was sitting on the right side of the plane and witnessed an amazing Arctic sunrise somewhere far north of Winnipeg. The real excitement came though when we flew directly over Trumansburg, New York. I was tracking our final hour of flight on the digital screen in the seat. When we passed over Rochester, I thought I could recognize some of the landforms. Then Keuka Lake, no mistaking that wishbone shape. The updated flight path has us going right over Tburg! Sure enough, as you can see in the last image, we passed directly west of Tburg, affording me a great view of the area. I noticed near the Ithaca airport there was a dusting of snow on the ground. I can't imagine what the odds are: draw a 11,000 kilometer line across the globe and it passes over a single point that happens to be my home town! Stoked! As a funny side note, this update was published via on-board wifi in a Greyhound bus from Rochester to Ithaca. I'm almost home!

Sunset as seen while heading north from Manila to Taipei

Sunset as seen while heading north from Manila to Taipei

Cloud blanket as seen while heading north east from Taipei to Osaka

Looking down on a snow covered town somewhere north of Winnipeg, Canada

Arctic sunrise somewhere far north of Winnipeg, Canada


Keuka Lake as seen from the air, Central New York

Taughannock Falls State Park and the village of Trumansburg, New York