Traditional Ibaloi Dance - Kabayan - Benguet, Philippines

December 7th, 2012

Welcome to December on the TIP! This is the second part of my update from the Kabayan region in Benguet Province in the Philippines. Kabayan is a remote corner of the Cordillera mountains in North Luzon Island in the Philippines. Tradition and culture in this region is influenced heavily by the Ibaloi, the ethnic group that originates from this rugged mountain environment.

Although I didn't know it at the time, the week I chose to visit the region was also their town fiesta. On the first day of my visit I walked up the main road bright and early with some high school students bound for school. When I got to the school I was surprised to see hundreds of kids performing a western dance to the Korean song "Gangam Style." I stayed and watched for a few sessions, and was again pleasantly surprised when they began performing a traditional dance.

After the practice session I asked the music teacher John what was going on. He told me they were preparing for a parade and performance on the 28th, just a few days later. I decided to change my plans and stay the extra few days to see the parade and performance. The next few images are from the performance. After the performance I Interviewed the advisor and teacher to get some more information, which I plan to turn into a writing piece later on at some point. Enjoy!

High School Dancers getting ready to perform at the Town Fiesta in Kabayan

Interpretive Dance, Ibaloi Tradition

Ibaloi Dance cont.

Ibaloi Dance cont.

Ibaloi Dance cont.

Offering rice after the harvest

Young men perform Ibaloi Dance

Circle Dance, Ibaloi Tradition