Back in the Kath-man. Been out in the Nuwakot District for two weeks trekkin' around. Enjoy the images below.

Sunset and Sunrise on Langtang Luri from "Gonga" our high camp at about 3,000m above sea level.   

Sweet waterfalls in a canyon near our 2350 camp.  

Hemlock Trees in the Canyon freshly covered with snow. Our fourth night on the trail we recieved some wind and about three inches of snow starting in the early afternoon. Made for a majestic landscape in the morning.  

Second day on the trail headed up from Balche.   

Satobato means "seven ways" in Nepali. This is a photo of a village with the same name perched in the saddle of two small hills.   

Sunset scene from near Balche 1950m, our first campsite.   

Crepuscular rays!  

Sunset from our camp at 2350m.   

Looking out my tarp-shelter from our 2350m camp. Trekking pole prop.