Happy New Year to all! From the beautiful village of Tres Piedras del Baru in Costa Rica, I bring you the winter update on the TIP (Tenacity In Pursuit). This update is intended to highlight some of the new features, as this month marks a significant "bookmark" in the history of the TIP: January is the one year anniversary! Read below for a highlighted five-stop tour through the newness on the TIP.


I have begun the epic process of reviewing my entire archive and looking for the "Best Of." This has been a fun process to see what I was looking at through my lens from all the way back in 2003. There are over 100k photos from 50+ countries so its a bit intimidating... The long-term goal of this review is to submit to one of the stock agencies and also hopefully to enable the purchasing of my images directly from the TIP. In the image gallery, you'll notice a new "India Gallery." These 50 images have been selected down from over a thousand images and three separate trips to the sub continent. I am hoping to publish a new gallery each month, so keep returning to the Images section to find new work from the archive. Here's the link:



The "Grown to Crown: Climbing Giant Sequoia" video is a collaboration between Jake Rudin, Colin Crilley, Rob Moore and yours truly. We all helped film and edit this together. This winter I'm hoping to make a short documentary film with Colin Crilley about the community I was a part of in Tres Piedras, Costa Rica. I'm looking to practice some new techniques and tools: Dollys, Camera Stabilizers, and ND Filters. Long term I'm hoping to get more into video and especially Timelapse. Here's the link:



Below is a link to the first story I've created in PDF format. I'll let the piece speak for itself. Eventually I'm hoping to turn these stories into chapters of an ebook. I'm looking to publish a few more of these stories over the next few months, so stay tuned in the WRITING section of the TIP.



This is where the majority of my energy on the site goes. At the highest frequency, I've been updating these pages (oct12.php, nov12.php, etc) three times a week. At the low end, 2-3 times a month. New pictures, videos, or significant changes to the design of the site end up on What's New? If you want to see the latest developments, head there first. If you haven't see What's New? in a while, you can backtrack through 2012 by clicking on the links in the main navigation bar of the page Dec, Nov, Oct, etc.


Finally, I'm trying to formalize my work on the Social Media outlets, so you'll notice some icons which are links on the bottom of all of the pages on the TIP. So far I'm most stoked on Google + and Twitter for keeping in touch and up to date with the people that inspire me. I like what I've seen on Pintrest, and I'm thinking of joining that community too. I'm also on the book of faces and post updates regularly there too.

If you are still reading...I would love feedback on any of the "big three" (Bolivia Writing, India Photo Gallery and Giant Sequoia Video). Any and all suggestions are helpful for me as a growing artist. Sorry for being out of touch, the last 29 days I've been working long hours instructing and coordinating a Climbing Expedition for the Cornell Tree Climbing Institute. Standby for the photo and video update from that expedition. Should be released before the end of this month. Cheers!

Pura Vida!