Last night my buddy Josh and I climbed up to the top of the property here at the California Outward Bound School in Midpines, CA and shot a 800 image timelapse of the developing inferno. From our vantage point we hypothesized we could see both the Rolling Fire and the Carstens fire. These blazes comes at a tough time to our school, as we're preparing for the big summer season of expeditions ahead. An evacuation from our basecamp would throw a significant monkey wrench into our operations. The amazing colors and dynamic movement of the billowing smoke clouds created a fun challenge to capture on the camera. This timelapse video was created with a Canon 60D and a 70-200mm Lens @ 95mm. We shot consecutive 20second exposures @ F6.3 and ISO 400 using the intervelometer from Majic Lantern. The still images were assembled into video with Lightroom. Enjoy the video below.