Backpacking Expedition to Jirisan National Park, South Korea

This expedition began with some planning days in Song-do City at the Chadwick International School. We packed food, prepared our intieraries, reviewed logistics and made lesson plans. After planning, my co-instructor, fellow CI teacher and 11 students piled into a bus and cruised south to a small town called Georim. From there we hiked up a steep hill for seven hours to a shelter at dusk called Sesok. The next day we scrambled across the southern edge of the massive Baekdudaegan ridge to the Byeoksoryeong shelter. The third day we hiked down off the ridge to Emujung, took a bus to Seongsamjae and then hiked to Nogodan. Our fourth day we got up early and watched the sunrise from Nogodan peak and that was definitely my highlight of the hike. It was an amazing course. Below you'll find a selected few images of the landscapes. Stay tuned for an update soon on the Templestay at Hwaeomsa.

Looking south from the ridge between Sesok and Byeoksoryeong, Jirisan National Park, South Korea, May, 2013

Approaching storm looms, near the Byeoksoryeong Shelter

Dawn view looking out on the Baekdudaegan ridge from Nogodan Peak

Colorful sky from Nogodan Peak

Sunrise on the Baekdudaegan ridge from Nogodan Peak