In the middle of the giant sprawling capital city of Seoul, Bukhansan National Park features a giant granite dome called Insubong. Yvon Chouinard, during his time here in the Korean war, put up some excellent routes on the mountain. A group of three of us headed out from Songdo yesterday morning bound for the big city. After taking a bus, subway and a taxi, we arrived at the t railhead and started hiking up to the base of the route. Erica led the first pitch, Isak the second, and I lead the third. Then Isak led the rest of the pitches to the summit block. We rappelled off the summit block and then climbed one more short pitch until we gained the climber trails and headed up to the summit. We rappelled off the summit and walked back down the hill, caught a taxi, and reversed our path home. As an interesting side note, we heard explosions, large city-wide sirens, and saw many helicopters while we were on the route. We were thinking this might be a bad thing, but turned out to not be so bad. Enjoy the video below.

Granite Staircase on the way up to Insubong, Bukhansan National Park, Seoul, South Korea

Insubong as seen from the saddle, Bukhansan National Park

Rappelling off Insubong

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