Part 2: People-In-Action

Part two of the Cornell Tree Climbing Institute Tropical Tree Climbing Course here in Costa Rica. This update focuses on the people-in-action who were involved in this course. The group was comprised of a diverse set of 14 individuals who were, in general, motivated and ready for an adventure. Enjoy!

Whole Group Photo from near Punta De Mira, Costa Rica

Student Eric reading a book in his hammock in the canopy

Instructor Jeff and student Cat in a Guacimo Colorado Tree

Instructor Rolando and student Wesley learning DRT in the 'Riverside Classroom'

Student Becky learning DRT in a Zota Tree

Student Cat Limbwalking in a Cieba about 80' above the Rio San Juan

Student Andrew climbing in the Cieba

Student Dan chilling on a branch in a Guacimo Colorado

Student Dan reaching to a branch in a Guacimo Colorado

Student Eric reading a book and Instructor Tara hanging below in a Jobo tree

Student Tom in the top of the a Jobo tree, Tres Piedras del Baru

Student Kristin learning DRT by the river, Tres Piedras del Baru

Becky Limbwalking

Cat Limbwalking

Becky hanging out on a branch in a giant Cieba

Instructor Jeff Direct Aiding up the trunk of a tree near Punta de Mira

Student Laetitia up in a Guacimo Colorado