A Waterfall Adventure in Las Tumbas, Costa Rica

A few days back I convinced by buddy Rolando to embark an a somewhat epic day hike to see a set of waterfalls near Las Tumbas near Tinamastes here in Costa Rica. The section of gorge we explored is directly above a 600' waterfall called the Diamante or "Diamond." Our hike focused on exploring the waterfalls leading up the 600' drop. In this spectacular canyon we found many beautiful swim spots, jumps, and crystal clear mountain water. I had visited the area twice in 2006, but had not returned since. One time with Mark H, Keith L, and Eric T, we hiked a pineapple up to some Raw-foodists who were living under a waterfall called the Casa de Piedra or "house of stone". Although the area used to be free to enter, they are charging an admission fee of $4-5 depending on which passport you hold. Below are a few images from the hike. Enjoy!

Looking down on the village of Las Tumbas near Tinmastes

A beautiful waterfall above the 'Casa de Piedra' near Las Tumbas

A beautiful swimming hole above the 'Casa de Piedra' near Las Tumbas

The 'Casa de Piedra' waterfall near Las Tumbas. Behind the waterfall there is a basic lodge with a restaurant, beds and showers.

A waterfall below the 'Casa de Piedra' but above the "Diamante" waterfall near Las Tumbas