Welcome to June on the TIP! I'm back in Midpines after a week of backpacking around in the Sierra Nevada. My co-instructor "Lil" and I ran a seven day training for the new interns near the North Fork of the Kings River and Courtright Reservoir. We taught essential backpacking skills: navigating with map and compass, river crossings, and back country cooking to four young adults. In addition to the hard skills, we also introduced some 'soft' skills: leadership, communication and self awareness. It was a really fun week. Although I didn't spend much time working on photography, here's a few images from the week.

Courtright Reservoir as seen from the top of Voyager Rock

Punk Rock Sunrise

Penstemon and Dusy Domes as seen from the top of Punk Rock at Sunrise

Waterfalls on the North fork of the Kings River at 7100 feet