Gurye, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

After the hike in the mountains, we hiked down a steep canyon to Hwaeomsa temple where we spent the night and participated in Buddha's Birthday prayers and celebrations. I have visited quite a few temples of the Buddha, but this was a very interesting experience. We had a question and answer session with a monk, participated in two prayer sessions and got a chance to create a lotus flower during a craft session. Here's a few images from the temple and the celebrations.

Scoops for Drinking water in a carved granite tank, Nogodan Peak in the background

Buddhist Monks Praying at the Gakhwangjeon Hall in the Hwaeomsa temple

The first (out of four) Heavenly King 'Dhritarastra' who represents compassion

Buddhist Monk walking the grounds at Hwaeomsa temple

The Templestay building at night