March 31

After stumbling around the market finding a ride to the VRC, I witnessed a sweet double rainbow and then caught a Jeep up to the VRC and hired a sit-on top sea kayak from a friendly lady at the resort. I paddled a 10km or-so- triangular circuit out to Dalutan and Capinyahan Islands. The winds were shifting quite often and each time I landed at the island a pretty impressive rain shower let loose. I nosed-into a few impressive sea caves on the northwest side of Dalutan and accidentally scared off a thousand or so sleeping bats from their slumber. Also again managed to startle a crowd of cormorants. Enjoy the seascape of Biliran!

Double rainbow in the port in Naval town

Mt Panamo and the seaside town of Kawayan (HDR)

Looking out from the pier in Kawayan at Maripipi (left) and Ginuroan (right) Islands

Easter Sunday on Dalutan Island - hardly crowded

Easter Sunday on Capinyahan Island - hardly crowded