The past few days I've been motoring around the central part of Bohol island and scouting good angles on the famous Chocolate Hill formation. Oddly enough, the best location I found was at the built-up overlook about 4km south of the town of Carmen. A road, resort and set of stairs leads you to the 'summit' of one of the Chocolate Hills. These odd ice-cream-cone-like formations are about 100m tall round piles of grass which are eroded limestone sedimentary rock. Why they eroded in this amazing pattern, I do not know. But here's my visual impression from a sunset and sunrise in the Chocolate hills. Plus, as a bonus, I've thrown in a image of the 'Man-Made Forest' which is on the road up Carmen. It is a beautiful stand of trees after the town of Loboc and before Carmen.

Looking south on the Chocolate Hills from near Carmen (HDR)

Looking west on the Chocolate Hills and resort from near Carmen (HDR)

Sunrise from the approach road (HDR)

Sunrise on the Chocolate Hills (HDR)

Man Made Forest (HDR)

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