Yesterday I found this spot near Cangmunag Barangay called Paradise Bay. As I was trying to avoid some serious pot holes in the road, I noticed a small handwritten sign and a small dirt track. Parked the bike and asked a lady to watch after it for me. Then walked about 100m over to the ~30m cliff with the ocean below. A somewhat-solid-somewhat-sketchy bamboo staircase (sturdier full-body railings) led down the fifth class terrain. At the bottom was a natural spring where a few locals were bathing and washing clothes. Took a look around in the sea water and noticed a bunch of small jellyfish looking creatures in the water. I asked a local dude if the water was unsafe for swimming, he said no. Still I decided not to go in. Came back the next day with the tripod and the homemade ND filter and created the following images. Lucky it was a cloudy rainy day the day I returned, just what I was looking for in the sky-scape: something interesting! Ever since I got into this ND filter and HDR game, I've got more interested in cloudy days. Blue skies are boring! Enjoy!

Long exposure at Paradise Bay near Cangmunag town

HDR of Paradise Bay near Cangmunag town