After seeing Maripipi during my tricycle tour of the island of Biliran, I had to see the island. It looked like something out of Jurrasic Park. Giant volcanic mountain jutting out of the sea. There was a public ferry from Naval to Maripipi. Along the way, caught a glimpse into the world of the fisherman and some interesting landscapes aboard the ferry. Soon after arriving on the 2 1/2 hour ferry from Naval, Biliran I found myself in a basketball match with some local kids. 2v2 and my team won, first one to six. I worked hard for it, and sweat my clothes thoroughly. A long ride on a habal-habal (motorbike taxi) brought me over to Napo Beach Resort, which is the only place to stay on the island. From this point you get a pretty good view out towards the Libucan islands of Samar province. Massive Santo Nino and Almargo islands were easily visible and prominent.

Approaching Maripipi on the Naval-Maripipi ferry, Biliran Province, Philippines

On Board the Naval-Maripipi ferry, Biliran Province, Philippines

Fisherman near Capinyahan Island

Candol Beach on Maripipi Island