Today's motorbiking tour brings me to the underwater scene at San Juan beach around the western edge of Siquijor island. White sands, big dark clouds and spots of blue sky make an interesting background for photos. I took a look underwater and found starfish and jellyfish near the shore. As I headed out into deeper water to the reef, I felt some stinging sensations around my body, but didn't think much of it. Eventually I noticed there was small jellyfish looking creatures, I had seen the day before near Paradise Bay. I kept going, figuring they wouldn't end up killing me. Eventually, however, I realized I was in a fat stand of these things floating near the surface and also realized the sound I was hearing was likely static electricity I then bailed to the shore after only taking a few photos. Additionally, I had rented a pretty good mask, but there was also a bunch of shimmering in the water. My hypothesis was this had something to do with the nearby stream from the village of San Juan and the resulting mix of fresh water and salt water. Either way the visibility was in and out of focus. I almost lost the snorkel in a pile of sea weed near the shore. The morning was a bit of a struggle, but here's the images I have to show for it.

Looking north to Negros from San Juan beach, Siquijor

Heavy clouds and a swimmer approaching San Juan beach, Siquijor

Star fish and urchins at San Juan beach, Siquijor

Plants on the floor at San Juan beach, Siquijor

Jellyfish, San Juan, Siquijor